Company created in 19/07/2000 and during this 11 years the company has exhibited an incridible enlargement and succes by taking part in some of firms’ import-export activities.The company is basically focused on exporting and specially is doing its business with former Soviet Unìon countries. Besides, as a consulter, The Company is working for two geant Corporation by representing them in Turkey and providing and developing their recuired business relationships with Turkish and Foreign companies existing in Turkey.We also undertake in abroad the responsibility of representation and presentation of the Turkish and foreign companies existing in Turkey. As a company aiming to be a worldwide known provider, no reason to mention, it is doing to overpass the number of countries which it is working with the items and products that we provide for import and export can be listed as following HAZELNUTS (Natural hazuts, roasted hazelnuts, diced hazelnuts, hazelnut paste).

    Despite the fact that our factory has launched in 2014 in Ozurgeti, Georgia we have exported to a number of European countries. Our export is mainly based on natural hazelnuts of different varieties such as 11-13 mm , 13-15 mm as well as 15+ mm. We make packaging for 80 kgs jute bags and 1 tone Big Bags. Our products are shipped only after all analysis making by machines are completed.

    These kind of products can be furnished to your service anytime you wish convient to your desire and in high quality level with reasonable prices. For us customer satisfaction and service quality is very impotrant. We are trying to do our best for you. Hopping your sinciere shares about your future business plans and studies, we wish you a stick will and effective results in your life.

    With Best Regards